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  • Metric units
  • EU weather data

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  • US weather data


Plan your seed mix to achieve your soil improvement Goals
  • Select up to 3 soil improvement goals for your next cover crop mix.
  • Calculator takes into account:
    • Benefits of different species.
    • Seeding rates, C:N ratios and total seeds needed for mix.
  • Enter your local prices to calculate total cost.
  • Suggests distribution to seeder boxes based on seeding depth.
Find your optimal seeding date and predict your results
  • Our calculator uses real historic weather data from a weather station near you.
  • Predict likelihood of frost in spring and autumn.
  • Find your earliest and latest safe seeding dates.
  • Cross check climate and plant characteristics to predict total biomass gain.
  • Receive warnings if vulnerable plants selected will likely be in danger of freezing.
  • Estimate bloom and ripeness dates considering climate and seeding dates.
  • Compare total growing degree days (GDD) needed vs available.
Calculate seeds per seeder box and how many times mixing is needed
  • The calculator will assign different species with similar seeding depths together.
  • Fully customizable with your own number of seeder boxes.
  • Calculate how many mixer loads per seed box needed.
Calculate your savings and gains
  • Estimate your gain in nitrogen in cash value (compared to buying fertilizer).
  • Estimate your top soil and humus thickness and organic soil matter increase.
  • Estimate water holding capacity of your soil.