Q: Why subscribe to the SoilYoga cover crop calculator?

A: We got the idea to create this calculator when we realized there was no comprehensive cover crop calculator out there. We dedicated hundreds of hours of research and development to ultimately save time and effort to our end users. We went through a lot of trouble so you won’t have to!

Q: What is the theory behind the SoilYoga cover crop seed calculator?

A: The logic behind the Cover Crop Calculator-Simulator is relying on case studies done mostly in the North US and EU, numerous books, researches and real-life experiments including Regenerative Agriculture practices over the world and also different practitioners webinars. All this data has taken many hundreds of man-hours to collect and just as much for the logics to be combined together.

Q: Why is the calculator based on Google sheets?

A: In our view, it was the fastest way to create and test the concept behind our idea and get it out to our users as soon as possible. If the project gets enough support, we have ambitions to create a web-app as well.

Q: I would like the calculator to have a new feature or detail.

A: We are constantly working to improve the calculator, so please drop us a request on info@soilyoga.com. Some things, like geographical or species related details are rather easy to add.

Q: Are you planning any new features?

A: Already some topics have been partly looked into/developed but discarded from the initial app: Soil description – Calculator should take into account different soil types and suggest crops and technology based on that. Humus balance – in the long term Soil Organic Matter (SOM) should be rising. Simulator should give a broader view on how to manage our soil between and during growing cash crops. Impact on following cash crops and what additional nutritional deficiencies could be covered with cover crops These and many other ideas are planned. Let us know, if You have any particular ideas, what You would like to see in addition!

Q: Does the price include VAT? Do I need to pay VAT to my local tax board? Can I claim back VAT?

A: Due to our very small size, we are not VAT registered and our service is not subject to VAT. It is not necessary to pay it separately nor is there no VAT to claim back.